Deploy hugo site to S3 with CodeBuild Deploy hugo site to S3 with CodeBuild

Deploy hugo site to S3 with CodeBuild

  • Last Modified: 01 Sep, 2023

We’ve run the gamut in this guide, pals. From initial setup of your Hugo site and CodeBuild with a custom GoLang image, to sprinkling some Git and S3 magic for version control and deployment. And let’s not forget that ever-important buildspec.yaml file that’s the real MVP here. We even had a dash of trivia for the funsies. So now you’ve got all the know-how to roll out your Hugo site like a pro. Until next time, keep that code clean and your spirits high! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

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Introducing the Marvel of Customized CodeBuild for Golang: The VIP Room of AWS CodeBuild! 🌟

Hey there, Golang enthusiasts! 🐹 Ever feel like your AWS CodeBuild environment is kinda, you know, basic? Well, say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary! Today, we’re pimping your CodeBuild by hooking you up with a custom image crafted specifically for Golang. 🎉

“But why?” you may ask. Imagine this: Instead of sitting in economy, you’re now flying first class in your own coding journey. 🥂 Better speed, optimized resources, and the luxury of pre-installed packages that make you feel like royalty! 🤴👸

In this glammed-up guide, you’ll get:

  • Step-by-step instructions for creating your ritzy, custom CodeBuild environment. 👠
  • Snazzy code snippets you can copy faster than you can say ‘couture.’ 🖋
  • Pro tips that even the AWS docs are too shy to reveal. 🎭

So grab your favorite drink, recline that coding chair, and let’s turn you into the A-list developer you were always meant to be! 💥💃🕺

Preparing Your Workspace: Like Setting Up Your Own VIP Lounge 🍸

You wouldn’t start a party without the right mood lighting, would you? Same goes for your CodeBuild setup. We’re gonna make sure you’re working in a space as classy as you are. 🥳

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • A saucy AWS account (If you’re still on the free tier, darling, it’s time to level up) 💳
  • Your stylish Github repo ready to wow the crowd 🌟
  • A pinch of S3 bucket magic 🪄

Let’s Cook This Up! 🍳

  1. Start Fresh: Create a new Hugo site to make sure we’re not mixing Chanel with, err, not Chanel. Run hugo new site kayd. This is your empty canvas; let’s make it a masterpiece! 🎨
hugo new site kayd
cd kayd
  1. Be Chic: Add the Ananke theme because we’re not here for the basics. We’re high fashion, darling!
git submodule add themes/ananke
echo theme = "ananke" >> config.toml
  1. Write Your First Post: But make it spicy! Draft your first post with something that’ll turn heads.

    hugo new posts/

  2. Commit to Being Fabulous: Like any fashionista commits to a look, commit your changes.

   git add .
   git commit -m "Setting the stage for a fabulous Golang journey"

Ready to party? ‘Cause I sure am! 🎉

Deploying Your Site: Like Dropping the Mic 🎤

You’ve built a classy website; now it’s time to show it off to your adoring fans. And guess what? We’re not just pushing it; we’re launching it straight into the cloud! ☁️

The Setlist (aka What You’ll Need):

  • A sizzling hot S3 bucket to host your brilliance 🌶️
  • Your config.toml file dressed to impress 👗

Let’s Rock This! 🎸

  1. Give Your Site an Address: In config.toml, set the baseURL. Think of it as your VIP backstage pass.

    baseURL = ''

  2. Set Up the Deployment Stage: Still in config.toml, we’re setting up the deployment rules. This is like deciding who gets backstage passes to your concert.

name = "s3"
URL = "s3://your-glamorous-bucket"
  1. Sync Like You’re Lip-Syncing for Your Life: Sync your local changes to your S3 bucket. You better werk!
aws s3 sync . s3://your-bucket-of-awesome
  1. Let’s Get Technical: Create your `buildspec.yaml`` file. Think of this as the playlist for your big debut.
version: 0.2
    hugo_version: "0.70.0"
      wget "${hugo_version}/hugo_${hugo_version}_Linux-64bit.deb"
      dpkg -i hugo_${hugo_version}_Linux-64bit.deb

Once you’ve done all this, you’re basically the Beyoncé of CodeBuild. 🐝

Troubleshooting: Because Even Rockstars Face Technical Difficulties 🎸🔧

Look, no world tour ever went off without a hitch, and your code is no different. So when you find yourself screaming “Why isn’t this working?!”, remember, even Beyoncé has bad days (maybe, we’re not entirely sure).

Here’s a List of Your New Roadies (aka Tools to Help You Out):

  • AWS CloudWatch for the oversight of your virtual venue 🎪
  • AWS CLI Debugging, because who needs a soundcheck, right? 🎤

Soundcheck: Pre-Build Troubles

If your build is acting like a diva, refusing to go on stage, check the pre_build commands. Ensure the directory is what you expected with:

ls -la

Dealing with Post-Build Blues

After the party’s over and everyone’s gone home, your post_build commands run to clean up the place. Check the output with:

echo Build completed on `date`

Time to Take a Bow 🙇‍♀️

By now, you should be standing in the spotlight of a successfully deployed Hugo website. Give yourself a hand; you’re the rockstar developer now! 🌟

Feedback Loop: Listening to Your Audience 🎧👂

You know how musicians tweak their sets based on crowd reaction? Well, you’ve got a built-in feedback system too! Thanks to AWS services, you can monitor user interaction and performance metrics. Ain’t technology grand?

Tools to Help You Be the Fan Favorite:

  • AWS Metrics: This is like your applause meter. Monitor it to see how well you’re doing.
  • AWS Lambda: Think of it as your roadie, automatically doing tasks you don’t want to mess with.

Behind the Curtain: Let’s Talk Money 💰

Look, the record deal isn’t signed just yet. Running your Hugo site on AWS has costs, but it’s all in how you manage it. AWS Budgets can help you keep an eye on the dollar bills and avoid any surprise fees. No one likes those.

Keeping Tabs on Your Spending:

  • Set a budget limit. Think of it as your tour budget; you don’t want to blow it all on pyrotechnics!
  • Use AWS Cost Explorer. It’s like having an accountant on tour with you.

Encore: Interesting Facts about AWS and Hugo 🌈

  1. Did you know AWS has a ‘free tier’? Perfect for those garage band days!
  2. Hugo is one of the fastest static site generators out there, like how Metallica’s ‘Dyers Eve’ is one of the fastest metal songs. 🤘
  3. AWS supports over 190 countries. That’s more countries than the Rolling Stones have toured!

Wrapping It Up: The Final Bow 🎬

Hey Rockstar, you made it through the setlist and brought the house down! With your Hugo site live and kicking, the world is your stage. Go on, take that final bow. You’ve earned it.

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